Know About Us

The CRPL Story

The Center for Religion and Public Life's establishment was conceived in 2014 by its Founder, the Rev. Canon Confidence W. Bansah (PhD). His passion for religion, spirituality, social justice, inclusivity, governance, and development served as the catalyst for this. The Center, however, became operational in 2022. Its Co-Founder, the Rev. Denis M. Adufuli, is equally passionate about religion and society. The Center is mainly into research, consultancy, lobbying, advocacy, and pastoral care and counselling.

Legal status

The Center for Religion and Public Life is a registered Company Limited by Guarantee Incorporated Under the Companies Act,2019(Act 992).


Ghana is constitutionally a secular state as well as religiously diverse and pluralistic in nature. Its religious demography, according to the 2021 population census, shows a 71.2% Christian population, 17.6% adherents of Islam, 6.2% indigenous religious practitioners, 0.9% other religious representations, and 4.1% non-religious

Who We Are

“Diversity, Inclusion, Equality, Equity, Tolerance, Integrity,
Independence and Excellence.”

We carry out research into current issues bothering on religion, gender, and human sexuality; health; education; politics; governance; peace; security; human rights; migration; human trafficking; youth unemployment; sanitation; climate change; social justice; etc.
We promote a more just, tolerant, diverse, inclusive, and hospitable society.
We provide a platform where contemporary research and scholarship can be debated and disseminated in the context of constitutional secularism.
We stimulate reasoned, healthy, sustained, and balanced theological inquiry and dialogue on matters of public interest.

Balancing religion and spirituality in public life.

Our Vision

The Center for Religion and Public Life (CRPL-Ghana) is a non-profit research and interfaith advocacy organization and think tank working to advance religion as a force in democracy, governance, human rights, peaceful co-existence, and development. Our engagement is holistically directed towards climate and social justice.

Our Mission

Our mission is to balance the role of religion and spirituality in public life and society in general through research, education, lobbying, advocacy, and networking for sustainable development. We intend to influence and impact public policies and legal frameworks as well as critical social, economic, political, and religious conversations to promote diversity, inclusive justice, democratic freedoms, and human rights in national and global contexts.

Who are our partners?

The following list of institutions contribute their 100% support to help our thousands of causes.
To learn about becoming a partner, contact us at: or +233 559 723 999